Paros Greece holidays

Paros Greece is a travel guide about Paros island, accomodation, holidays, beaches, nightlife and hotels.

Paros island offers a lot of family holidays (vacations) and many All Inclusive hotels decrease the price of the accommodation if you book your hotel at least six months before you go there. The island has a unique nature and atmosphere.

Paros island beaches, Cyclades, Greece
Paros island, Cyclades, Greece

See the beauty of this exclusive Paros island in Greece with its tremendous nature in the following video:

Most of the travellers enjoy their Paros holiday during the summer months and especially like to go on the island during July and August when the temperatures are highest. But it also a good idea to travel to the island and spend your family vacation during the first 10 days of September, because the prices of hotels are lower than those in July and August and the temperature of the see water is about 24 degrees in Celsius and the environment may be the same. But in this case you will pay at least 30% off the price in August. Holidays in September are nicer in ou opinion because most of people spend their vacation during the previous months, and in September the hole atmosphere on the island is more relaxing.